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Morad - VHF-156 HD - VHF Antenna 6dB 156MHz "Hot Rod"

# de Modelo: VHF-156 HD
Morad - VHF-156 HD - VHF Antenna 6dB 156MHz (Marine).Heavy-duty style VHF 6dB gain @ 156 MHz - "Hot Rod". Part # 9120. Model VHF 156-HD Antenna The Morad Heavy Duty (HD) Marine VHF Antenna is designed to give years of optimum performance under the most severe weather and vibration conditions. Due to its excellent propagation pattern and low angle of radiation, clipping and fading are minimized. The design of this antenna enables it to consistently outperform its competitors. Use of a larger diameter rod, instead of a small wire, decreases resistive losses and provides an increased radiating surface. The Model VHF 156-HD is base fed through a PL-259 UHF connector and a 50 ohms coaxial cable and can be mounted on any Morad 1" diameter stanchion for extra height. (See stanchions below) The antenna body is 1.5" o.d. painted aluminum tube and has a high tensile strength stainless steel tip.
  • Morad - Heavy-duty style VHF 6dB gain @ 156 MHz -
  • Morad - VHF-156 HD - VHF Antenna Part # 9120
  • Most Popular Heavy Duty Antenna
Peso de Carga: 25 lbs.
Venta al por menor: $200.00
Nuestro Precio: $149.99 You Save 26%


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