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Mermaid FX-1 Digital Programmable Thermostat

New Mermaid FX-1 Digital Programmable Thermostat.Please Note: (The price for the FX-1 varies depending on if you are purchasing the FX-1 with a/c unit or not. As per your request, Mermaid has a new Digital Programmable Thermostat to introduce to you! New for the 2007 season will be the panel folks like you have been looking for! It has been a long time it's here! Known as the FX-1 Digital, this control is an EXCELLENT option for your installation. We have re-designed our control box to include a protected circuit board to ensure it is moisture and vibration protected. It is smaller in size than the standard control box previously provided and will have four mounting locations with rubber feet to prevent any disturbance while underway. The display panel will work on a "phone cord" concept. The Mermaid unit will still have the 4 foot "pig-tail" harness for ease of installation and remote mounting the electrical control box. Older Mermaid units and other marine air conditioning products CAN upgrade to this new model thermostat within minutes. Removal of the prior electrical box and thermostat will be the only required modifications! Call for details at anytime. Or email .The price below is for the new digital control panel to provided upon a newly purchased air conditioning unit. For your convenience, all electrical connections inside the elecctrical contol box have been completed. Simply connect 110v or 220v power and the pump to the control box and you are all set! As mentioned above, Conversion Kits are available to convert ANY self contained marine air conditioning unit. See the pull down menu below for pricing!
  • FX-1 Digital control Programmable Thermostat
  • Shipping Weight: 1.00 Lbs
  • The price below is for the new digital control panel to provided upon a newly purchased air conditioning unit
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs.
Retail Price: $1000.00
Our Price: $629.99 You Save 38%

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