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Standard VH-310 Second Station Remote

Model #: VH-310
Standard VH-310 Second Station Remote Telephone Handset.Second Station Remote Telephone Handset (controls functions of Class D VHFs) The VH-310 is a submersible telephone handset capable of remotely controlling all radio and DSC functions of Standard Horizon Class D DSC VHFs. When connected to MATRIX GX3000S, PHANTOM PS2000 or QUANTUM SERIES allows remote control PA and FOG signaling. Additional features include Intercom from the VH-310 to the connected radio, and intercom capability from between remote microphones and the connected radio. The VH-310 can be extended using the CT-100 23-foot extension cable to 70-feet. Supplied with a wall mount cradle; routing cable and a waterproof panel mount connector. For the ease of adding an external speaker, a pair of speaker wires is supplied on the rear of the routing cable so you do not need to pull additional wires. Compatible Units: Quest-X Series,Matrix GX3000S,Phantom,Series, Quantum Series
  • Warranty 3 Years
  • Compatible Units:Quest-X Series,Matrix ,GX3000S,Phantom,Series, Quantum Series
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs.
Retail Price: $150.00
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