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Furuno ARP11/PG ARP11 & PG500R PACKAGE

Model #: ARP11/PG
Furuno ARP11/PG (10 Target Auto Plotter) and PG500R (Digital Heading Sensor) Package.The ARP11/PG is a 10-target auto plotter with PG500R Heading Sensor designed for use with NavNet and NavNet vx2 Radar series. The ARP automatically tracks automatically or manually acquired radar targets and calculates their courses and speeds, indicating them by vectors. Since the data generated by the auto plotter are based on what radar targets are selected, the radar must always be optimally tuned for use with the ARP to ensure required targets will not be lost or unwanted targets such as sea returns and noise will not be acquired and tracked. The plotting accuracy and response of this ARP meets IMO standards. Tracking accuracy is affected by the following: Tracking accuracy is affected by course change. One to two minutes is required to restore vectors to full accuracy after an abrupt course change. (The actual amount depends on gyrocompass specifications.) The amount of tracking delay is inversely proportional to the relative speed of the target. Delay is on the order of 15-30 seconds for high relative speed; 30-60 seconds for low relative speed.
  • Furuno ARP11/PG (10 Target Auto Plotter) and PG500R (Digital Heading Sensor) Package
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