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Furuno NavNet 3D Black Box Multi Function Display Processor

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Model #: MFDBB
NEW Furuno NavNet 3D Black Box Multi Function Display Processor MFDBB.The world of onboard navigation systems has evolved. Furunos dedication to deliver the best marine electronics has led to the most innovative, powerful solution for onboard navigation ever. Furunos NavNet 3D is a groundbreaking new navigation system that breathes new life into the user interface. Once you start using NavNet 3D, you will be amazed at how a system so powerful can be so simple to use. NavNet 3D comes fully loaded with groundbreaking new features that will expand your navigational horizons. NavNet 3D uses a cutting-edge technology weve named "Time Zero." Time Zero facilitates instant chart redraw, allowing for zooming in and out, changing chart display modes and other chart handling functions seamlessly and with no lag at all. Time Zero brings you a truly seamless navigation environment you have to experience to believe. True 3D environment for a more instinctive chart presentation. NavNet 3D incorporates a whole new dimension into chart presentation with Full Time 3D chart rendering. You can choose a 2D top-down view of the navigation chart for a look and feel that duplicates a traditional chart plotting presentation. Or, you can choose to pan and zoom the chart to any angle at any range scale you choose instantly. There is no 3D mode to change into and no waiting at all, because NavNet 3D operates in this 3D environment full time. This variety of chart presentations helps to improve your situational awareness by giving you unprecedented control over your charting environment. NavNet 3Ds powerful new graphic engine brings new chart presentation options to the conventional 2D method of chart plotting. Satellite Photo Fusion is a powerful new tool, a hybrid blend of detailed satellite imagery and critical chart data. These new presentation options allow you to visually grasp your exact position in a way that was never before possible. NavNet 3D incorporates native 3D chart architecture that allows for a full-time 3-dimensional presentation, as opposed to 2D charts that require special effects to appear 3D. There are no special modes; that limit your ability to navigate the way you want. With NavNet 3Ds true 3D environment, you can see all of the information you want with no limitations on what information you wish to view. Plan your routes and enter waypoints directly on your raster or vector native 3D charts. Radar overlay, Sirius Network Weather Receiver, AIS, plus all of your chart symbols and depth soundings; any and all of this information can be displayed at will. This is the beauty of navigating in true 3D. You have full control over the presentation all of the time. Satellite Photo Fusion. Satellite photography can be fused with raster or vector chart information. Land areas (zero depth) are completely opaque, so that these areas are displayed as satellite photos on the chart. As the depth increases, the satellite photography becomes more transparent so that you will know where the shallows end and the deeper water starts. High resolution satellite photography aids in seabed classification so that you will be able to easily identify areas of sand, rock, coral or other obstructions. Time Zero Technology Makes Chart Redraw A Thing Of The Past High-speed processing and a powerful graphic engine deliver Time Zero technology instant, seamless chart handling with no lag or loading time. NavNet 3D Time Zero technology redefines the meaning of stress-free operation. Zoom seamlessly and continuously to whatever chart scale you desire. Instead of limiting you to a small handful of chart scales to choose from, Time Zero architecture allows you to zoom in or out to the exact magnification level you like without steps or limitations. You can freely pan and scroll the chart by simply pressing the scroll pad. This gives you freedom to explore the chart data, allowing you to focus on a specific area ahead of or around your vessel without losing track of your position on the chart. Explore the chart data at your leisure, and then instantly return to your own ship at the touch of a single dedicated button. FURUNO NavNet 3D Digital Solution sets a new standard. NavNet 3D operates in a fully digital environment with its highly sensitive digital sensors for radar and fish finder. The operating structure is also digitized, delivering total fusion of hardware and software modules in its operating scheme. NavNet 3D integrates Ultra High Definition (UHD) Digital Radar that facilitates fully automatic, high-precision Gain, Sea/Rain Clutter and Tuning control for hands-free operation and ultimate performance. UHD offers crystal clear, noise-free target presentation with automatic real-time digital signal processing. Antenna rotation speed (24/36/48 rpm) is automatically shifted appropriate to the pulse length. Commercial-grade radar performance is now available in the ultimate MFD navigation suite. One of the amazing features of Furuno UHD Digital Radar is Real Time dual range radar display, which scans and displays two different radar ranges with no lag at all. This greatly enhances your situational awareness. You probably know about digital fish finders, but are not quite sure what the term really means. FURUNO Digital Filter fish finders feature advanced filtering capabilities and digital auto tuning which eliminate noise and deliver the ability to spot individual fish with clarity, accuracy and detail. NavNet 3D ROTOKEY Puts a whole new spin in "User Friendly." NavNet 3D challenges the conventional menu operating system with a whole new concept, the ROTOKEY on-screen revolving menu key. One turn of the Rotokey gives you instant access to full control of NavNet 3D. The Rotokey is designed as a part of NavNet 3Ds scaleable operating system; a short press of the Rotokey gives you access to a user-selected set of the basic functions that you will use the most, while a longer press of the key displays all of the functions available. Never leave your navigation screen to enter a menu again! NavNet 3D provides the easiest user interface on the market with a combination of both Rotokey and familiar point-and-click cursor pad controls. The power of the point-and-click interface allows for incredibly simple operation click anywhere on the screen for context-sensitive options for that area. Click on any data box to access detailed information for that function. You can also connect a generic USB mouse to further simplify operation. One press of the Disp button allows you to easily select the presentation you desire. Five intelligently designed hot-pages are available to you right out of the box, with the ability to save up to ten custom layouts. The scrolling pad allows independent scrolling and panning capabilities from a dedicated omni-pad. Pan the chart and shift the radar without any screen redraw or lag. You can also control IP cameras without accessing complicated menus or changing your current presentation. One long press of the 3D key will toggle the chart from 3D to a familiar 2D, top-down perspective. While the chart remains in its native 3D environment, only the perspective shifts there is no special mode required to shift back to 3D perspective. Extended Mode feature of Navnet 3D Black Box allows you to connect two monitors and synch the video, or 'split' the two screens into eight different quarters to display the information you want to see most
  • Pre-loaded with NOAA raster chart library for entire U.S. coastline including Alaska and Hawaii
  • Pan the chart using the scroll pad, and then instantly return to own ship at the touch of a single dedicated key
  • No 3D mode to change into and no waiting - NavNet 3D operates in a 3D environment full-time
  • More than 12,000 ship's track points and over 2,000 waypoints
  • 200 planned routes, with up to 100 waypoints/route
  • Preloaded tides & currents , Engine monitoring
  • Built-in ARPA processor can simultaneously acquire and track up to 30 targets (with appropriate sensor)
  • AIS tracking when connected to AIS receiver . Weight: 47.6 lbs
Shipping Weight: 47.3 lbs.
Retail Price: $7695.00
Our Price: $7695.00

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