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Rule-Mate RM750A Automatic Bilge Pumps

Model #: RM750A
Rule-Mate® 750 Automatic Bilge Pumps 12 Volt dc, 2900 lph, (750 US gph). Fully Automated Bilge Pump Rule introduces the rule-mate™ series of bilge pumps. The rule-mate consists of a powerful rule bilge pump and a new non-mecury float switch in a single housing. While fully automated, the pump will only turn on when the water level rises. There is no cycling and battery drain. The pump remains off until the internal float switch rises. The pump then stays on until the water is evacuated. The pump's internal computer senses no load (Water) against the impeller and then shuts off. A detachable strainer provides easy access to the impeller area for removal of debris. Each pump is easily installed with the pump and switch internally wired. A third wire allows the pump to be connected to a manual override switch if so desired. The rule-mate bigle pump is thoughtfully designed, and due to its compact profile, can be used in practically all bilge pumping applications.
  • RM750 Rule-Mate® 750 Automatic Bilge Pumps 12 Volt dc, 2900 lph, (750 US gph)
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.
Retail Price: $95.22
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