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ACR Hydrostatic Release Kit - 9490.1.

Model #: 9490.1
ACR Hydrofix Hydrostatic Release Kit.for EPIRB Product No.: 9490.1 Model No.: HRU-100 ACR HydroFix™ HRU-100 Release Kit for Satellite2 406™, RapidFix™406, GlobalFix™406, (Sea Shelter™ & Sea Shelter™2 Brackets) 9435/9455 and GlobalFix™ iPRO, GlobalFix™ PRO, and Satellite3 406™ (SeaShelter™3). ACR Electronics, the world leader in safety and survival technology since 1956, proudly introduces the HydroFix™ Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU) to compliment our flagship Category 1 Emergency Positioning Radio Beacons (EPIRB). ACR has designed a patent pending release rod system, which does not depend on a battery, sharp blade, or a pyrotechnic device to release the beacon. This advantage allows ACR to offer an HRU that is individually tested to ensure that the HydroFix™ is the most reliable HRU in an emergency situation. All HydroFix™ units are tested to the same high standards and quality workmanship you have come to expect from ACR over the past 50 years. When submerged in water between 5-13 ft. (1.5 - 4 m), the HydroFix™ will disengage the rod allowing the Category 1 bracket to release the EBIRB.ACRs HydroFix™ is now part of the standard replacement kit for the following EPIRBs* and brackets:
  • Satellite 406™ (Closed and Open Face Brackets): RLB-27 2754 / 2756 / 2772
  • Satellite2406™: RLB-32 2774
  • RapidFix™406: RLB-33 2776
  • GobalFix™406: RLB-35 2742
  • Sea Shelter™: 9327
  • Sea Shelter™2: *Not for use with RLB-23 406 EPRIB (fully enclosed bracket) 9435 / 9455
  • USCG Approval
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs.
Retail Price: $159.95
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