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Furuno FS1575 GMDSS MF/HF Radiotelephone

Model #: FS1575
New Furuno FS-1575 150 Watt MF/HF GMDSS Compliant Radiotelephone with DSC. The 150 Watt FS1575 is a reliable MF/HF Radiotelephone for general and distress communications with integrated DSC/DSC Watch Receiver. It facilitates both general and GMDSS communication, operating as a DSC transceiver and as a DSC Watch Receiver on all distress and safety frequencies in MF and HF bands. An optional IB585 NBDP terminal can be connected to the transceiver unit for maritime telex operation and distress message/maritime safety information handling. The FS1575 features a bright, high-contrast 4.3" color LCD (480x272 pixels). Multiple display configurations are available, as well as a Night Mode (white text on black background display) for wheelhouse operation. Instant selection of 256 user-specifed channels is provided with a rotary knob or direct keypad input. Quick access to DSC message composition is available by dedicated keys on the control unit. Quick Access functions: On the menu setting, three quick-access functions can be assigned for 1, 4 and 7 on the numeric keypad, and those assigned functions are displayed on the Radiotelephone display. The list of functions assigned for quick-access includes: TX frequency setting, RX frequency setting, class of emission setting, AGC setting, output power setting, TX frequency monitoring, showing the list of test messages, showing the list of message files, execution of daily test, showing the list of log files, and intercom functions. Simplified Menu Operation: Numbers are assigned for each of the menu items, and the operator can access each of the menu items either by turning and pressing PUSH TO ENTER knob to select menu items or simply pressing number on the numeric keypad. The FS1575 fully meets GMDSS carriage requirements for SOLAS ships operating in A3 and A4 sea areas, as well as ITU recommendation on digital selective calling system for use in the Maritime Mobile Service, ITU-R M.493-13. Consists Of Model / Part # FS1575T Transceiver, FS1575 FS2575CONT Control Unit, FS1575/FS2575 w/ Handset & Bracket. AT1575 Antenna Coupler, FS1575 . 000-125-984 CBL COUPLER 10M 05S0793 ARMOR Shipping Information: •4 Boxes: 45lbs (23x17x13), 9lbs (15x11x9), 12lbs (23x16x9), 9lbs (15x15x 7)
  • •150 Watt MF/HF radiotelephone with DSC facility
  • •Fully meets GMDSS carriage requirements for SOLAS ships operating in A3 and A4 sea areas
  • •High-contrast 4.3 Inch bright color LCD (480x272 pixels)
  • •Capable of distress, safety and routine communication
  • •Instant selection of 256 user-specifed channels with a rotary knob or direct keypad input
  • •Quick access to DSC message composition by dedicated keys on the control unit
  • •Quick access to dedicated functions in the menu operation using numeric keypad
  • •Full-duplex kit available (optional supply)
Shipping Weight: 75 lbs.
Retail Price: $9995.00
Our Price: $8999.99 You Save 10%

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