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Furuno 1kW Bronze Thru-Hull w/Temp & High Speed Fairing Block

Model #: 525TID-BHD
Furuno 1kW Bronze Thru-Hull w/Temp & High Speed Fairing Block B258.1kw 50/200 kHz with Diplexer 15x21 degree Beam Angle at 50 khz 3x5 degree Beam Angle at 200 kHz Bronze Thru-Hull with Temperature 10-Pin Connector Ships with High-Speed Fairing Block AIR-033-523 The Clear Choice This new 1 kW transducer makes 600 W fishfinders perform like their more powerful big brothers especially at 50 kHz. The B258 is 25 times more sensitive that a single element 50/200 kHz transducer. How does it do it? The B258 uses Airmars new and unique ceramic-element construction. The resulting narrow beams will clearly distinguish individual fish and bottom fish from their habitat at up to 2,200 feet. Streamlined Performance Maximize performance by installing the B258 with our custom fit high-performance fairing. At speeds over 30 knots, screen displays show clear images and a clean bottom trace.
  • Supercedes B256 transducer, with significant increase in performance at 50 kHz.
  • Recommended for sport fishing boats above 26' (8m) and small to mid size commercial fishing boats.
  • Includes temperature sensor
  • Transducer ID option
  • Speed Included: NO
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.
Retail Price: $650.00
Our Price: $559.99 You Save 14%

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