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VIKING Liferaft, throw overboard, 4 persons, type DK+

Model #: 4 DK+
VIKING Liferaft,4 DK+ (USCG Approval EMERGENCY PACK "A" OCEAN). throw overboard Round Container,4 persons, type DK+ (complete with Cradle, Hydro and Lashing)Approved acc. to DMA(for danish fishing vessels) 4 persons throw overboard liferaft. For use on fishing vessels. The throw overboard liferaft is released from its cradle and thrown overboard, or slides automatically when released. Once waterborne, the liferaft inflates on a hard pull of the painter line and is then ready for boarding. Delivered in a square or round fibre-glass container. For existing fishing vessels above 20 GWT the life raft need to be equipped with 100% TPA's(Thermal Protective Aid) and with emergency pack A.
  • •VIKING Liferaft,4DK+ USCG throw overboard Round Container
  • •••(complete with Cradle, Hydro and Lashing)
Shipping Weight: 150 lbs.
Retail Price: $6399.00
Our Price: $2899.99 You Save 55%

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