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FUSION MS-SG51600 5-Channel Signature Series Amplifier- 1600W

Model #: MS-SG51600
FUSION MS-SG51600 5-Channel Signature Series Amplifier- 1600W.Powerful, Rock-The-Boat Sound! 1600 Watts of Class D output run the speakers and sub off of one powerful amp. Features: 5-Channel, 1600 Watt, Class D amplifier Can amplify up to 4 pairs on FUSION speakers (speakers run in parallel on 4-channels) and the MS-SW10 FUSION Subwoofer 2-Ohm Stable Superior 1 piece HEAVY-DUTY die cast chassis 5-Way circuitry protection - Thermal/Reversed Power Polarity/DC Offset Protection/High + Low Voltage Discrete install panel-covers amp set-up controls and hides all cabling FLFC low frequency control-accurate fine tuning of frequency response Conformal coated PCB
Shipping Weight: 0 lbs.
Retail Price: $599.99
MAP Price: $599.99

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