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B&G V50 Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio w/AIS DSC NMEA2000

Model #: 000-11236-001
B&G V50 Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio w/AIS DSC NMEA2000.Provides dual-channel communications essential for sailing, with AIS reception and VHF via a single antenna. Unique `TrackYourBuddy' feature displays the positions of up to three friends. With tough design and unrivalled resolution, the B&G V50 fixed mount VHF is a flexible communication system that is always ready for action. Large 57mm diameter speaker for loud & clear audio (94dBA @ 1m) •High quality fist mic: In-built speaker for noisy environments, 6 keys for easy helm operation, Easy grip rubber over moulding •Advanced radio features including AIS plot, waypoints, navigation and MOB features •Track Your Buddy when connected to a B&G MFD •PA/Hailer Horn output with Listen back feature. All International, CANADA, USA Channels •10 weather channel with 1050hz alert tone detect (for US) •Selectable 25/1-watt Transmit Power (conduct) AIS: The marine Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a location and vessel information reporting system. It allows vessels equipped with AIS to automatically and dynamically share and regularly update their position, speed, course and other information such as vessel identity with similarly equipped vessels. Position is derived from the Global Positioning System (GPS) and communication between vessels is by Very High Frequency (VHF) digital transmissions. There are a number of types of AIS device as follows: Class A Transceivers: These are similar to class B transceivers, but they are designed to be fitted on large vessels such as cargo ships and large passenger vessels. Class A transceivers transmit at a higher VHF signal power than class B transceivers and therefore can be received by more distant vessels, and also transmit more frequently. Class A transceivers are mandatory on all vessels over 300 gross tonnes on international voyages and certain types of passenger vessels under the SOLAS regulations. Class B Transceivers: Similar to class A transceivers in many ways, but are normally lower cost due to the less stringent performance requirements. Class B transceivers transmit at a lower power and at a lower reporting rate than class A transceivers. AIS Base Stations: AIS base stations are used by Vessel Traffic Systems to monitor and control the transmissions of AIS transceivers. Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Transceivers: AtoNs are transceivers mounted on buoys or other hazards to shipping which transmit details of their location to the surrounding vessels. AIS Receivers: AIS receivers will generally receive transmissions from class A transceivers, class B transceivers, AtoNs and AIS base stations but do not transmit any information about the vessel on which they are installed.
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.
Retail Price: $399.00
MAP Price: $349.00

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