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JRC JHS-7 VHF Handheld Radio

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Model #: JHS-7
JRC JHS-7 VHF Handheld Radio. TWO-WAY VHF RADIOTELEPHONE ON-BOARD COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT. The JHS-7 is a hand-held portable VHF radiotelephone for on-scene, life-saving two-way communication between survival craft, between survival craft and ship, and between ship and rescue boat in accordance with SOLAS convention. The JHS-7 is of heavy duty design for use in maritime severe conditions and equipped with 13 single-frequency voice channels including Channel 16 (156.800 MHz.), providing 0.25 to one watt of transmitted power. This equipment can be used as an on-board communication equipment. Designed in compliance with the GMDSS carriage requirements under the latest SOLAS.FEATURES ◦Thirteen Operating Channels Thirteen single-frequency voice channels are provided including Channel 16 for calling and safety which can also be selected easily by an independent switch. ◦Heavy Duty Design The JHS-7 is designed to operate normally for 8 hours in extremely severe operating conditions. ◦Single-Handed Operation The control knobs and switches are in an easy-to-operate arrangement to ensure single-handed operation. ◦Mechanical Ruggedness The JHS-7 is designed to withstand a 1-m drop onto a hard surface. ◦Watertightness The JHS-7 is designed to be waterproof to ensure its normal use even in rainy or water splash conditions. ◦Sunlight resistance If the JHS-7 is long exposed to the sunlight, it will not be damaged because it is composed of specially selected components and materials. ◦Low Power Consumption The JHS-7 is designed to minimize its power consumption and to maximize its operating time. Its sleep mode technique ensures more than 8 hours of its operation time. ◦High Reliability Highly reliable ICs, transistors, LEDs and other surface-mount devices are used. ◦Stable Operation
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