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Simrad V3100 Class B AIS

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Model #: 000-14380-001
Simrad V3100 Class B AIS. **As the FCC requires all units sold in the US to be programmed by a qualified technician. Please submit the form below for programming at time of purchase. A copy of the MMSI registration or FCC Ship Station License is required along with the vessel master or owner's signature on the completed programming form.** Click here to download form. V3100 Class B AIS The V3100 Class B AIS incorporates SOTDMA technology and increased transmission power to enhance transmission frequency, reliability, and range compared to standard Class B AIS. This ‘black-box’ solution integrates with Simrad displays, and features industry-standard connectivity. Increased Transmission Frequency and Reliability The V3100 Class B AIS incorporates the same SOTDMA technology found in Class A solutions. This self-organising transmission technology allows the system to negotiate a regular transmission timeslot with other AIS units in range, facilitating more frequent and reliable position updates in high-traffic areas. The V3100 transmits updates, based on vessel speed, up to once every five seconds; this provides up to six times the reporting frequency of standard Class B AIS. Increased Transmission Range The V3100 features a maximum transmission power of 5 Watts, 2.5 times the transmission power of standard Class B AIS solutions. This allows vessels equipped with the V3100 to be detected over AIS at a greater range, and provides more reliable transmission to satellite-based AIS receivers. Integrated ‘Black-Box’ Solution This ‘black box’ AIS solution is designed to work with Simrad multifunction displays, and other NMEA 2000® or NMEA 0183® connected marine electronics. Output to a standard PC is also supported via USB connectivity. The V3100 is contained in a compact IP67 water-resistant housing, and includes a built-in SD card slot for standalone AIS data logging. Features: Enhanced performance compared to standard Class B AIS Transmit over greater distances with 5-Watt output power Transmit more frequent position updates with SOTDMA Greater transmission reliability in high-traffic areas Integrated ‘black-box’ solution NMEA 2000®, dual NMEA 0183®, and USB connectivity IP67 water-resistant housing Built-in SD card slot for AIS data logging
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