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B&G Zeus™ 3S 12 Combo Multi-Function Sailing Display Radar Bundle HALO20+ 20" Radar Dome - No HDMI Video Outport

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Model #: 000-15562-002
B&G Zeus™ 3S 12 Combo Multi-Function Sailing Display Radar Bundle HALO20+ 20" Radar Dome - No HDMI Video Outport. Designed Just For SailingThe Zeus 3S chartplotters offer super-fast response times, delivering the information you need when you need it. Easy-to-use, the Zeus 3S comes with B & G’s unique sailing features built-in; making it simple to navigate, plot routes, add waypoints, and view key sailing or racing data, at the touch of a button or screen. The Zeus 3S 12” is the ultimate super-fast sailing chartplotter and navigation system for bluewater cruisers and racers. This ultra-bright, wide-angle display combines an all-weather 12-inch touchscreen with a rotary dial and keypad for ultimate control in all conditions. Easily leverage dedicated, race-proven sailing features such as SailSteer, Laylines, and RacePanel. Connect with online services and mobile devices using built-in Wi-Fi, and integrate seamlessly with a wide range of instruments and accessories for greater safety, performance, and enjoyment on the water.The Zeus 3S series is the complete navigation solution for bluewater cruisers and regatta racers. With superfast processors, you can display up to 6 different information panels simultaneously, on the ultra-bright SolarMax IPS all-weather touchscreen, which is combined with a rotary dial and keypad for ultimate control in all conditions. These easy-to-use chartplotters include all of B & G’s unique and proven sailing features such as SailSteer, Laylines, and RacePanel and integrate seamlessly with a wide range of instruments and accessories for greater safety, performance, and enjoyment on the water.Super-Fast Processor For Immediate ResponseEnjoy exceptional situational awareness thanks to Zeus 3S’s high-performance processor. There’s plenty of processing power to run charts, radar, ForwardScan, and autopilot controls simultaneously without compromising on performance – giving you all the tools you need to enjoy the sailing, safe in the knowledge that you can monitor your surroundings. Sail with confidence with B & G’s award-winning sailing features for cruising and racing, including;SailSteer, RacePanel, StartLine, Laylines, SailingTime, Advanced Windplot, and Weather routing with PredictWind integration.Unbeatable Clarity & ControlA full multi-touch screen and dedicated keypad combined with our SolarMax HD IPS ultra-bright screen that supports multi gestures and wide viewing angles in bright sunlight provide full control and visibility from any angle, light, or weather conditions.Easy To Expand Your NetworkJust add power to enjoy Zeus 3S as a versatile standalone chartplotter with first-rate navigation functions. However, for the best experience, it is easy to network your chartplotter with H5000, AutoPilot, ForwardScan, FLIR IP Cameras, NMEA2000 & 0183, plus the latest HALO & Broadband radars, for ultimate target detection, low power, instant on and weather modes. Built-in WiFi allows you to connect and mirror or control your Zeus 3S screen from a Smartphone or Tablet.Features: The fastest/most responsive sailing chartplotter and navigation display yet SolarMAX IPS Screens Best in class visibility from all angles with and without polarised glasses Connects to B & G’s performance network modules for the ultimate offshore performance: Halo Radar, Autopilot, ForwardScan™, NMEA 2000 and 0183, Integrated Pilot Control Full suite of sailing features: Sailsteer, PredictWind, RacePanel, LayLines, and SailingTime Up to 6-Way information panel split on the display Built-in Wi-Fi Connect with smartphones, tablets, and internet hotspots What's In The Box? Zeusł/3S 12 Sun Cover Power Cable, 4-Pin NSS12 evo3/3S & Zeusł/3S 12 Edge Bezels NSS12 evo3/3S & Zeusł/3S 12 Mounting Bracket NSS12 evo3/3S & Zeusł/3S 12 Dash Mount Kit HALO20+ 20" Radar DomeThe Ultimate Picture from a Smaller Dome.See Far And Near With One Compact DomePerfect for wide mid-sized to large sailboats, HALO20+ comes in a compact 20-inch dome antenna and delivers high-quality short, mid, and long-range detection. Monitor two distance ranges at once in Dual Range mode so you can keep an eye on faraway weather cells while watching for collision hazards up close. HALO20+ radar’s pulse compression technology means no compromises in detection at either selected range, while beam sharpening provides enhanced separation between small or distant targets.The Best View To Avoid CollisionHALO20+ radar does a full 360-degree sweep every second, thanks to its industry-first 60 RPM rotation at ranges up to 1.5 nautical miles. These ultra-fast updates give you an almost real-time view at close range, offering the ultimate view for collision avoidance of fast-moving targets. Built-in VelocityTrack™ Doppler TechnologyVelocityTrack™ technology grants instant visual feedback on whether targets are coming towards you or moving away with color-coding approaching vessels for high visibility while de-emphasizing diverging targets, increasing situational awareness, and decreasing the risk of collision. HALO20+ radar automatically checks every target in range; there’s no need to manually select individual targets, and no limit to the number of targets on screen at one time.Ready Whenever You AreHALO20+ Radar wakes instantly from its low-power standby mode, delivering this high-speed radar coverage exactly where and when you require it. Even if your HALO20+ Radar is completely powered down, start-up only takes some seconds, not minutes like traditional pulse radar.Easy to Use RadarHarbour, offshore, weather and custom modes tune HALO20+ Radar’s advanced signal processing to help ensure that targets can be seen vividly – even in the toughest environmental conditions.Features: 36 nm range from a compact 20-inch dome Advanced pulse compression technology with beam sharpening Simultaneous Dual Range operation sees both far and near Ultra-fast 60 RPM operation at ranges up to 1.5 nm VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology to avoid collision Easy operation with the harbor, offshore, weather, and custom modes MARPA target tracking (up to 10 targets, 20 in dual range) Ready instantly from standby Low power consumption What's In The Box? 20" dome 20m cable (000-14549-001) Ethernet Adapter Cable (000-14552-001)
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