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Fischer Panda Diesel 4.2 KW Generators PMS 4200K

Model #: PMS 4200K
Fischer Panda Diesel 4.2 KW Generators PMS 4200K . builds the smallest,Please call and ask for SPECIAL DISCOUNT . lightest, quietest and most efficient marine diesel generators in the world. Using the latest in German engineering, they manufacture these technologically advanced gensets that are the only true water-cooled asynchronous marine diesel generators available in the market. 100% Water-Cooled Some generator companies advertise that their products are "water cooled," however, they are referring to the diesel engine, not the actual power plant (which actually features the older technology of air-cooled electric plants). Fischer Panda is the only company to build generators with a 100% water-cooled asynchronous electric plant. This feat of engineering provides distinct advantages over air-cooled generators in size, weight, noise and efficiency. Superior Asynchronous Technology Due to the unique design of the asynchronous rotor that has no windings, no brushes or diodes, the Panda generator can cool the stator winding with nearly 100% efficiency. A conventional synchronous generator can never achieve this efficiency because the rotor windings are cooled with air which becomes very hot and transfers considerable noise. This air will also bring humidity and dirt into the windings, which will increase the resistance and thereby reduce the electrical output. offers all of the classic advantages of an asynchronous generator, such as a high level of overload protection, operational safety, short-circuit protection, fewer moving parts, perfect rotor balance, perfect sine wave and a sealed long life stator. In addition, the Panda offers the patented VCS technology and integrated power booster with voltage precision and consistency. Warranties: Engine 3 years /1800 Hours, Electrical 5 years/1800 Hours Rotor-Lifetime
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • L 21.0x15.0x21.0 268 LBS
  • SoundCover (Fiberglass)
  • Remote Control Panel With Cable: STD
  • Cooling H/E , Noise Level :dBa 54
  • Engine Data: Type/Cylinder Farymann1
  • Displacement ccm/cu. in cyl 290/17.7
  • Peak Output KW 4.2
  • Continuous Output KW 3.8
  • Warranties: Engine 3 years /1800 Hours, Electrical 5 years/1800 Hours Rotor-Lifetime
  • Voltge Volt 240/120, Current max Amp 17.0/34.0
  • PMS 4200 Plus, Frequency : 60 HZ
Shipping Weight: 268 lbs.
Retail Price: $11425.00
Our Price: $11425.00

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